About Us

BodyFly Fitness is focused on bringing you On-Demand training from trainers with backgrounds in various fitness disciplines. We know you're busy and so your workout should fit your schedule. Yet, we're more than this....

Who We Are

BodyFly Fitness was formed is comprised, and founded by a group of 5 athletically-focused friends who share a passion for making fitness readily available to everyone. One of our founders, Petty Officer 2nd Class Kareem Smith envisioned a better way to get convenient workouts atop the flight deck while pressed for time between shifts aboard the USNS Mercy while off the coast of Thailand. After completing his humanantarian Naval Deployment, he returned to San Diego and shared his concept with friends. Together they collorated on how to turn his idea of making fitness readily available, and include a highly portable, compact exercise machine to market. The founders took this original concept for an innovative, mobile fitness device and performed extensive engineering to design and develop BodyFly exercise machine. BodyFly design with functionality, physical structure, and performance levels capable of replacing heavy, clunky, immobile equipment that are prevalent in today's market.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to Create Fitness Freedom by providing affordable, portable, and effective workout machine. BFF is committed to improving the accessibility and quality of fitness equipment for people of any age, health condition, and any location through the provision of our app, and lightweight, fully functional exercise solution.


Our vision is simple, bringing effective fitness exercise and technology to people for use in their homes, at their gym of choice, work, and while on vacation. Wherever your favorite exercise location is, on any given day, you can enjoy your BFF.