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The light weight design allows users to carry the BodyFly to any desired workout location, creating total fitness freedom.


The BodyFly is designed to fit virtually anywhere.


10, 20 and 30 pounds. Just slide to adjust!


BodyFly has been engineered to ensure durability for high impact workouts.

Introducing The Bodyfly


The light weight personal exercise device design allows users to carry the BodyFly to any desired workout location, creating total fitness freedom. The light weight personal exercise device design allows users to carry the BodyFly to any desired workout location, creating total fitness freedom.

Retail Price $999

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Drink more water

Drink more water

The question of what does water do for your body comes up quite a bit so I wanted to take some time and address the incredibly important subject of proper hydration.

Drinking water makes me feel amazing! If I’m not drinking water, I feel tired, sluggish and my thoughts are not clear. My daily water regimen is a gallon a day. When I drink that amount, I tend to be a little sharper, have more energy, feel less hungry and my skin doesn’t feel dry and itching.

Drinking water just helps me feel better. It will also help speed up your metabolism. Conversely, when you drink sports drinks, you’re overloading on sugar and not so healthy chemicals. By drinking that amount of sugar, it’s like your drinking a slice of pizza or a candy bar. Supplement those sports drinks with water, speed up your metabolism and lose weight.

Pay attention to the list of ingredients on the labels on the back on those sports drinks. The phosphoric acid in those drinks actually pulls the nutrients out of your body and those nutrients are what your body needs to thrive! You end up flushing all those nutrients you need out of your body during urination and you end up with a sugar dump.

Insulin is then produced to deal with the sugar and converts it into fat. And that fat loves to go right to your midsection. What’s funny is most people want to rid their body of fat, yet they drink these sodas and sports drinks. The simple answer is stop drinking those drinks!

Set yourself some daily goals on your water intake and stay hydrated my friends!

Snack on this!

Snack on this!

Every single day, we snack. Most of the time it’s senseless snacking. Which got me thinking, if I am going to be snacking; what should I be snacking on? Over the last 3 months I have been testing the waters and trying to find suitable snacks. After much trial and error I arrived on my snack of choice. Since I like to think I am a King, it’s only fitting my snack comes with a crown. That’s right FlyFam, Broccoli has become my snack of choice. Why broccoli? Simple, I love it, cooked/uncooked, and the health benefits are truly amazing.

There are countless health benefits to eating broccoli- heart health, eye health, detoxification and the most popular and well publicized-cancer prevention. But, we are going to focus on 3 benefits that are more fitness related.

Cholesterol reduction- The fiber within the broccoli binds together with acids in your digestive tract and make it easy for your body to excrete.

Digestion- Broccoli has a high fiber content, 1 gram of fiber per 10 calories. Helping you maintain healthy levels of bacteria within your intestines.

Diet Aid- This last fact will make my fellow gym junkies happy. 1 cup of Broccoli has the same protein content of a cup of rice, with half the calories.

These reasons, are some of the reasons I believe so strongly about broccoli. Broccoli is truly a superfood, and has the ability to positively change your health in more than 1 way. If we are all snaking, why not snack smarter? Put your chips down, step away form your cookies, and pick up some broccoli. It sounds silly, but how can you laugh at the idea of getting healthier while snacking.

Lose ego & become infinite!

Lose ego & become infinite!

Lets face it people, we all hate to be wrong. We like positive reinforcement, and want someone patting us on the back telling us, “Great Job”. People don’t only want positive reinforcement, they expect it. Even if the effort is subpar and the goal isn’t reached. Since the start of BodyFly Fitness we have been living inside of gyms, trying to spread the word about the BodyFly. We have been privileged to watch 100’s of personal trainer-client interactions. We have seen some great workouts, some not-so-great workouts and some that were a combination of lunch room gossip and Instagram photo shoots.

However, no matter the intensity of the workout, or the skill level of the trainer…. one thing remained certain. The clients who check their ego in at the door and follow their trainers instructions to the best of their ability have the greatest success!
People…..lose the ego, and the fat will follow. If you want to get fit, get rid of the thing that has been weighing you down more than the fat around your waist…. your ego.

3 Tips for your weekend workouts.

  1. Check your ego at the door.
  2. Lighten your weight/use proper form- These go hand in hand. So let’s break them down individually.
    Proper Form- Before you go to the gym, try and have some idea of what you are going to do. A wise man once told me, “doesn’t matter what your plan is, just have one, and stick to it”. I still look for new workouts on the internet, and find ways to incorporate them into my workout on the BodyFly. Since you’re not as lucky, and don’t own a BodyFly (YET), look for videos and incorporate them in the gym. Make notes (you look at your phone the entire time you workout anyways) on key teaching/coaching points.
  3. Lighten your weight- Seriously, anyone who knows anything about lifting isn’t impressed about you throwing weight around. After you have learned the proper way to do a lift, don’t regress by adding heavy weight you cannot support. DO NOT BE BAD FORM GUY! No one likes him.Lets face it people, it is human nature to be wrong. Some of us need correction and someone to coach us. Regardless of how sensitive you are, it helps to be pushed.

“When ego is lost, limit is lost. You become infinite, kind and beautiful.” – Yogi Bhajan

Lightweight & Portable


BodyFly units stack neatly on top of each other. Gyms/ training facilities are no longer cluttered. Group Classes? No problem. Teach functional strength training in a group setting with easy cleanup. Personal Trainer?  You’re welcome! No more lugging around dumb bells, rubber bands, step ups and other items. You can now train your clients on a portable cable machine.. Mind Blown!!

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